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Yangcheng International Power Generation Co. Ltd.
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Directions and goals for corporate management and culture construction:
Harmony, stability, publicity, fairness, equality, sureness, dignity, happiness.
Corporate philosophy:
Advancing with the times, striving for realism earnestly, solidarity and cooperation, working happily
Corporate spirits:
Attach importance to subjectivity in front of objectivity, search for methods in the face of difficulty and attach importance to dedication in the face of hardships.
Tangshan Jinghua Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. (formerly Huaqi Pipe Co., Ltd.), which set up in February 2001 ,belongs to Jinghua Innovation Group Co., Ltd....
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Address:Kaiyue Road East,Kaiping District,Tangshan City,Hebei Province
Contacts:Li Hui Telephone:0315-3371222 Fax:0315-3371538 E-mail:tshqlt@163.com
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